Dj Team Black Cat White Cat – (Germany)

Dj Team Black Cat White Cat (Schwarze Katze Weißer Kater) was founded in the early 2000’s by Jan Le Gitan and Dj Aca as a Balkan Beatz Soundsystem with a special focus on gypsy world sound roots. Together with Brassputim they quickly became a mighty trio, which turned into duo after Aca moved back to Belgrade.

The musical journey took Jan Le Gitan & Brassputim to a lot of locations in Germany like: ZAKK Düsseldorf, Goethebunker Essen, Rotunde Bochum, Café ADA Wuppertal; but also to Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc.

They shared the decks with artists like Max Pashm, Shazalakazoo, Kosta Kostov, Tsiganisation Project, KAL, Haris Pilton, Job Chajes (AKB), Wladimir Kaminer (Russendisko), Dj Klipspringer & the rest of the magic bunch! They also played with bands like Trovaci, Las Balkanieras, Magnifico, Besh O Drom, KAL, Budzillus, Imam Baildi, etc.

Cumbia Digital appeared on the surface on 2008 with magnificient releases from ZZK Records and guided the way to a new musical cosmos which entered their ears immediately. Paying tribute to all styles of neo and traditional cumbia & tropical flavors, Jan Le Gitan & Brassputim launched „Cumbia Caracho!“ under the aliases Juan Falko Nacho Mendez & Gringuito Amarillo masked as Lucha Libr fighters.

In their repertoire they include also music from the early 20’s and 50’s mixed with the beatz from here and now: Vintage Remixed.

Electro Swing specialist Jan Le Gitan is member of the Electro Swing Club and played in London with Chris Tofu and with Typoboy at Magnifique Club Java in Paris. In Germany the „Dj Team Black Cat White Cat“ runs Electro Swing parties to collaborate with Djammeh, Louie Prima, Odiman, Pony Montana and many others.

Next stop on the road is „Beatz & Bohnen“ another party they orginise, located at the club in Bochum „Rotunde“ where Dj Team Black Cat White Cat plays a blend of all favoured styles and insane mix of the repertoire they collected on their journey through all times, continents & styles of world music 3.0: Global Gypsy Gheddo Tropical Cumbia Caracho! Balkan Shake ! ! !

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