DJ DAFERWA – (Germany/México)


Daniel Fernando Wahl alias Daferwa was born 1979 in Tübingen. Raised in a Mexican-German household he soon got in touch with a broad variety of Latin-American music. In the mid nineties he begun to get into Rap, Hip Hop and House while he was also being attracted by the power of Reggae, Dub and UK Sounds.Since 2005 Daferwa has been actively contributing to Cologne’s nightlife. First as a regularly DJ booked for parties and smaller bar-gigs by the Hampton-Recordings Collective, then in 2007, he co-founded the MASH IT UP! platform in Cologne at the Club Subway.DJ/Producers like TOY SELECTAH (Mexico), EL HIJO DE LA CUMBIA (Argentina), UPROOT ANDY (New York), MUNCHI (Rotterdam, NL), BBRAVE (Akwaaba Music, Accra), CAPTAIN PLANET (NYC), CHIEF BOIMA (NYC), MAX LE DARON (Brussels, BE), but also band-projects like MATANZA (Santiago, CHILE), THE CUMBIA COSMONAUTS (Melbourne), STEVIES WONDER GLASSES (London & Graz) and talented MC’s like AKUA NARU (Jakarta Records) participated and became part of the party’s network.In 2009 Daferwa became a part of the GLOBAL PLAYER SOUNDSYSTEM (WDR Funkhaus Europa). His sets are innovative and rhythmically trips. From melodic Hip Hop, Dancehall and Cumbia to massive Moombahton, Electronic Beats and House influenced beats with tropical flavour.

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