El Remolón – (Buenos Aires-Argentina)

El Remolón is the alter ego of Andrés Schteingart, a producer who tucks hints of Latin American rhythms like cumbia into a solid base of electronic music. After many years in the Buenos Aires music scene producing minimal techno and IDM under the pseudonym Drole, El Remolón or “the lazy one,” evolved creating medium tempo tracks that make great use of space. His sound is laid-back but heavy-hitting with a European dance floor sensibility.

Schteingart ́s strength is in his own evolution as a producer, codeswitching minimal techno into the dialect of minimal cumbia. El Remolón joins latinoamerican flavour with electronic beats. In his music many styles get mixed. Dub with folklore, melodies get involved between loops and digital hypnosis.

El Remolon has toured extensively throughout the Americas and Europe, bringing his signature sound to dancefloors and festivals in more than 40 cities, from Austin’s SXSW to Copenhagen’s Distortion Festival, to Bogota’s Festival Centro. He’s collaborated with Pablo Lescano from the pioneering cumbia villera band Damas Gratis, Li Saumet from Colombia’s red hot Bomba Estereo, Ale Sergi from the gigantic Argentine pop band Miranda and even Wendy Sulca, Peru’s adolescent YouTube sensation.

He has 4 albums edited thru the label ZZK Records, and many other tracks and remixes spreaded in the web. Now he ́s presenting his last work “Selva” where The songs range from the emotive cumbia soundscapes to dance floor bangers. Dipping into obscure Quechua sung digital folk, playful songwriting and collaborations across the board, Selva shows the depth of El Remolon’s musical arsenal.

Label: ZZK Records

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